“Miiiii” my first words every morning when I wake up.

“Coffee dho”, my second.

She goes back to the kitchen with that smiling face, pours a hot cup of coffee and brings it to me even before I open my eyes.

“Utho beta, ye lo coffee.” She says as she leaves the room.

This is my daily scene at home. Though I am married now and I stay away from my parents, I am pretty sure this will be the same scene when I visit my parents and this will continue for years to come.


My mi, God’s most modest creation.

My mi, the one with a child’s heart

My mi, she who knows nothing but emotions. Yet a rock.

My mi, tired but keeps going.

My mi, always worried but full of hope.

My mi, amazing in her own way, even though doubtful.

My mi, innocent but smart enough to advise me.

My mi, not a great cook but my taste buds long for her ‘rasam’ now.

No matter how old you are, you will always be her baby whose gross face she first saw in the hospital and felt, ‘Ohh!! My baby is beautiful.’

She wakes up in the morning, enters the kitchen and lights the stove, placing the milk cooker on it.She cooks breakfast, a different one based on everybody’s preference. After everybody leaves for work, she sits alone and thinks of what she can prepare for lunch as a piece of dosai or idly goes down her throat.

And her day goes on…

Evening chai and then dinner. It’s only work, work and more work ; she’s spent her life working for us.Mi can never go to bed without cleaning the dining table and the kitchen. 

Mi used to tell me bed-time stories till I was 12. All her stories started with “Once upon a time…” and ended with “Happily ever after…” There always used to be a good guy and a bad guy. And the moral of the story used to be – “One must always be good and do good.” As simple as that.

She never complained about me dragging her on my nocturnal bathroom visits.

She never got mad when I used to shout at her for millions and millions of reasons or for no reason at all. How much have I hurt that petit lil’ heart?

Every girl, I’m sure, will realize this if she is married or staying away from home, how difficult it is for our mothers to handle everything, LITERALLY everything.

Do they get a sick leave? No

Do they get a vacation? No

Do they work 9-5? No

But they never complain. God has given a woman so much strength. Thank you. I feel so blessed to be a woman and have a strong mother who is also my very good friend.

I scold her, I shout at her, I fight with her, but I love her a lot. I have never said this to her though. I should. Right??

Every woman practically toils her whole life just to see her family happy and satisfied. She always gives the best piece of food to her kids, good ones to the husband and keeps the okay-ish ones for herself. Why do they do this? Bad no?

Every child and man must realize what a woman sacrifices and give her all the respect she deserves. It is the woman who should be called ‘THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY.’