Woke up this morning, opening one eye, I reach out for my cell and I see the screen. 08:30 a.m. -4 degree Celsius.

My fingertips feel icy cold as I touch my face, I fight with myself and move the blanket off my feet. Tying my hair up, I start walking towards the kitchen to make myself a hot cup of coffee. It was a good morning until the milk carton read – “BEST IF USED BY – 12/09.

Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??!?

No milk? How am I supposed to make coffee now? No no no no…. This cannot happen. The wind outside is cold, I could hear it gushing through the branches of the trees. I did not have the nerve to step outside to go get milk.

And thereafter followed the results of what my life would be without caffeine.

I couldn’t prepare breakfast, couldn’t watch television, and couldn’t cook lunch. Basically, I couldn’t function.

I hit the bed again, feeling shaky and cold.

A voice woke me up – “baby, wake up. Lunch is ready.” Yeah, that was my husband. He cooked lunch. Sweet right? Well he had to. No milk, no coffee, no energy, so basically wifey’s day off.

He had cooked rice, sambar and shrimp masala. I ate like a refugee who hadn’t had food for 5 days. It was super-tasty. I expected my battery to get charged at least then. I couldn’t be more wrong. I slept again like a log.

By five in the evening, I couldn’t handle it. I left for Wal-Mart, got some milk and came back home. I made myself a goooooooooood hot, super strong cup of coffee.  And it was then that I felt, for the first time in the day, alive.

Now you guys must be wondering why not just go to Starbucks and get a latte than cribbing about no milk.So here’s the thing people, Starbucks does not use BRU filter coffee. Coffee powder of no other brand comes close to making the revitalizing elixir that I’ve grown to depend on so much. Nothing replaces homemade BRU filter coffee, period.

Anyway, coming to think of it, coffee is such a bad addiction. Right?

Coffee produces acidity and increases oil production on skin, and I am aware of that. But that aroma, can’t help it but crave for it more.

My day feels so hollow and incomplete without coffee.

I know my day so far hasn’t been super smooth but I am still going to make this tough decision as I write this. Dear coffee, I am not betraying you, but I have to do this for myself. 😦 I am sorry.

A ‘NO CAFFEINE FOR 7 DAYS’ challenge. Let us see how I do. And I shall share my experience with you guys soon.

See you on the other side. Chao!!

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