“When you are willing to compromise and make sacrifices for someone , that’s where you feel true love.”

It so happens with 90% of married women that they have to relocate to where their husbands live or work; as a result of which the wives either resign from their respective job or work towards getting a transfer or get placed in another company in the xyz location where the husband lives. How many men do you think leave their current job and shift to the place where the wife works? Very few… right?
I’m pretty sure every woman thinks or would have thought of this at some point. But are you aware of the sacrifices the husbands make?

Gone are those days, when the woman used to leave her home for her husband’s to start a new family. But these days even the man leaves his home and starts a new one, away from his parents and family. Majority of them are abroad or in different cities than that of their family. It is equally difficult for them ladies!!

We women make our sacrifices quite evident (thanks to our big mouth and a very expressive face) whereas men don’t. Men have a bigger responsibility to handle —- US. They put up with our cribbing, our shopping, our food, our tantrums, our mood swings and what not. 😀
7bdf49a6bc6a8cf0ce85bc64c0cc20aa--love-is-cartoon-love-is-comicI understand that we cook, clean and perform other daily chores at home and keeping running all day long, but do you do all of it with love for your family? When I fall sick, my husband cooks for me in spite of having a long tired day at work. I see care here. He does the dishes when I have a running nose, and every time I sneeze or cough, he gets worried and gives me a list of do’s and don’ts. I see his compassion here. He handles every hurricane with such tranquility and that really surprises me, ‘cz I panic for literally everything. I see his patience here. And this is all a form of sacrifice and commitment. This man has sacrificed such big things in life ‘FOR US’; I don’t know where to begin and where to end. 

He takes care of me much better than my parents did. When I told this to my mom, which I immediately realized I shouldn’t have because she might feel bad, but in turn she was happy about it. I guess that is exactly what every parent wishes for (secretly.) I am glad to be born in this generation where “kitchen and household – a woman’s place” is proven wrong. 
Husbands also sacrifice their sleep and so much for us and our family. They just don’t make it evident. And ladies, when your man advises you to do or not to do something, please understand that it is for your own betterment. They are not being dominant but caring and cautious.
After our parents, I believe it is our spouse who wishes the best for us.



Learn to see and appreciate the things they do for you and trust me, you’ll feel lucky every day. Your love, adoration and admiration for things and people in life will change as you build positive vibes around you. Look on the bright side and aim to always find the silver lining.

I am pretty sure all you beautiful ladies are as blessed as I am. But how often do you appreciate your husband/partner? I would love to learn few things from you as well, so leave a comment below.