If you ask my friends, they’ll tell you how much I love nail paints. Back in the day when I used to get bored, I would force my friends to let me paint their nails after I’m done painting mine. Haha!! That’s how crazy I am about applying nail paints.

It is more risky for my wallet if I were to enter a cosmetic store than a clothing store. Reason: I end up buying nail paints, loads of them.

During a similar encounter, I came across this collection of Maybelline super stay gel nail color 7 DAYS. I fell in love with the polish during the very first application itself. The paint is so easy to apply. I can even apply on my right hand with the help of my left one without any difficulty (FYI I’m right handed). It has a thick flat brush which makes for really smooth application. The bristles are intact and do not wear off. Also, the paint dries quite quick compared to other polishes that I have used. Apply 2 coats to get an opaque look. It has a creamy structure that makes it work well for nail arts as well. By now this collection must’ve gotten old. But guys, if it is still there in the market, go for it. It stays for a good amount of time.

Wearing ‘Uptown Blue’ (20)
From L to R: Enduring pink (125),Uptown Blue (20),Pink in the park (21),Surreal (635).

I usually remove my nail colors after 7days max, and leave a gap of 2-3 days until the next color application, because it’s not good for the nails, you see. #healthynails

I got these nail colors somewhere around November/December 2016, yes 2016!! And they are still good. They haven’t dried yet. That’s saying something, right?

Like any other being a nail color fanatic, I get really mad when the nail paints get all dry in their bottles when I’ve only used them quite sparingly. C’mon it is quite an investment okay?

So ladies, if you are someone like me, who loves subtle or dark or quirky shades, or have difficulty in applying nail paints, then Maybelline super stay gel nail color is your savior.

Wearing ‘Pink in the park.’ (Picture taken on Day 7.)

This nail paint does stay for good 7 days😊 and therefore does justice to it’s formula. The cost of this nail paint is around 7USD/325 INR. Well, I guess it’s worth it.

P.S- Always apply a base coat before applying any nail paint. If you are someone who feels naked without nail color, base coats are double important for you as they prevent the nail bed from yellowing.

Also, do remember to apply a top coat after painting your nails. This enhances the life of your polish. It hardens as it dries which is why it protects the nail paint from chipping and peeling.

Do not confuse the coats with a clear polish. A clear polish is equally prone to chipping just like any other nail color.

Base coat, top coat and clear polish are three different things, so make sure you read the package/bottle before buying.

Thank you for taking time to read this. 🙂 Happy Nail Painting!!