Being a 90s kid, I grew up reading about ‘Once upon a time’ and believing in ‘Happily ever after’. Ever since seeing the Cinderella castle has been a dream for me since childhood. Visiting Disney World Magic Kingdom made me feel like a kid all over again. This castle is so huge and majestic. I was all smiles and my heart was dancing inside. This one’s off my bucket list. Yaaaayy!!

The Cinderella Castle

Building this great kingdom started off with a mouse. You all know who I am talking about, the ‘Mickey Mouse.’ Yes!! Disney world is that one place on earth, which I request all of you to see once in a lifetime. It is an experience you will never forget. Save enough and add this to your bucket list. You don’t have to be a kid or a teen to visit this place. Age is no bar. This place feels like a dream land and that feeling lingers within you even after stepping out of the gate. Trust me when I say this. Disney dose is a must.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida has 4 theme parks – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is in the Magic Kingdom that you can see the Cinderella castle. Now obviously that would be anybody’s first preference right? I had only a day’s time to spend here and so we chose the Magic Kingdom.

I was all jumpy and excited the morning I entered the gates and I had the same energy till 9 p.m. I am stressing this because I am a person whose battery gets drained in like, 4 hours max.

A speedy metro is available that takes you from the vehicle parking to the theme park, which is super convenient, and drops you back to the parking area. The parking area is named after Disney heroes and villains. (Please remember where you park your vehicle so that it would be easy for you to find it later.)

The metro

We visited this park on an off-season Monday and the crowd was enormous. I did not expect so much crowd on a Monday. Therefore lesson learnt, Disney world is always crowded. No matter what time of the year it is.

This is just 10% of the crowd on a Monday afternoon

There are plenty of rides in here to enjoy and reminiscence your childhood.

The Seven Dwarfs – reminds you of Snow white and those 7 cute little dwarfs, isn’t it? Well, this is quite a famous ride so there is always a huge line for this. We started off with this ride, so there was no much queue, though we had to wait for a minimum of 15 minutes. 15 minutes is the least wait time for any ride, I tell you. This ride was fun.

The Little Mermaid – This ride takes you through Ariel’s underwater land and her story. Beautifully exhibited.

The Haunted Mansion – I run miles away when someone says ‘horror’ or ‘haunted’. I never get on any horrific or haunted themed rides in any amusement park. But this ride got me like…. WOW!! This is my most favorite ride of all. Get on it and you will not regret. This is scary but equally beautiful. You will end up admiring the ghosts, the mansion and etc. rather than getting scared. It was spooky but ahh-mazing.

Other rides include the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Jungle Cruise, the Peter Pan and many more. This fantasy land has so many rides themed after Disney movies. Every ride has its own gift shop for you to buy souvenirs. All the rides here are awesome, so waiting in that huge line is worth it. IT’S ALL WORTH IT.

You could see mickey, mickey and mickey EVERYWHERE!! Mickey earrings, mickey pins, mickey hats, even mickey ice creams. Overdose of Mickey, I tell you. Ha-ha!!

The Mickey~Minnie Choco-bar.

You know who I met? PLUTO, my childhood star. Yes, I am a huge fan of Pluto and Donald Duck. Luckily I was able to click a picture with Pluto, but no Donald. Sigh! He was unavailable. I could only see him and wave at him during a parade. I took a selfie with him in the background though.

My FAN GIRL Moment.

I assumed that the Disney characters would be roaming around the park, so you have high chances of getting pictures clicked with your favorites, but NO. Not all characters are available. And to meet the ones available, you’ve got to wait in line. It takes hours to meet one Disney celeb.

Listing down a few MUST-DO points below that will help you plan your Disney world visit.

  1. Book your tickets online. This will save your time and energy at the ticket counter. You will be needing both through the day.
  2. Install the Disney world app on your phone. This will help you cover the huge geographical area of this paradise and plan your rides accordingly. It shows the wait time for every ride so you can plan it well.
  3. You will have a FAST PASS+ applicable for any 3 rides, i.e. you will get a VIP entry for these rides alone. This pass is free for anyone with a park ticket. But you will still have to compromise and stand in line for other rides. The line will be long, no matter what. Fast pass+ basically gives you time to come back to your preferred ride. You can enter a separate shorter line. You have the option to reserve their Fast Passes online, with the Disney world App. Fast pass goes extremely fast for the popular rides, so I suggest you look for these passes as early as possible on the Disney world mobile app.
  4. Carry water bottles and food if possible because the food inside can be a little pricey.
  5. Wear comfortable pair of footwear, sport shoes preferably. You will be putting your feet to a lot of standing and walking, so come prepared.
  6. Wear a comfortable piece of clothing, so you don’t have to be conscious all day about your attire. This day you will need to focus on the dreamy and positive vibe around you. I visited this place in Feb 2018 and it was cloudy, windy and sunny as well. Most of us were covered in sweatshirts and bombers, going on and off. But mostly, Florida, known for its humid climate, shorts/jeans and a tee is advisable.
  7. Dress like your favorite character if you wish, nobody is going to judge you here. It will make your experience more fun. Lose yourself. J
  8. If you are here on a special occasion like your birthday or anniversary, you might want to walk up to the ticket counter and say so. They give you a pin or a badge stating the occasion and you will have people around you wishing you all day.Makes you feel really special walking round the park with that badge on.

Oh! And I also saw two proposals during my visit here. It was so sweet and romantic. It was as if I was watching a movie, because it was the very first time that I witnessed a proposal. Everybody around was clapping and congratulating the couple. I was happy for them and they got betrothed in the dreamiest place on earth. What more could a girl wish for. So guys, if you are reading this, and if your girl is into Disney, you know what to do.

A parade called ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’ in the late afternoon is held right before the castle, where all the Disney prince and princesses arrive in their carriages, all the other characters come dancing, waving their hands at you. It is beautiful and wonderful to watch. Disney World makes sure that you get deeply involved in its magical land and feel like a fairy or a prince yourself. You constantly keep encountering Disney celebs that they make you feel like one, by putting on some show or the other.

The Disney King & the Queen
Beauty and the Beast
Cinderella and the Prince charming
Maleficent, the fire-breathing dragon
Snow White

Disney throws a show called ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’ end of the day at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Please do NOT miss this for anything in the world. This is such a spectacular, fantastic, incredible, amazing, razzle-dazzle show.

One can feel an emotional connect during this whole show. A nostalgic moment, right from seeing all the Disney stars to a magical moment with all the fireworks in the end. What music, what colors, what accuracy and precision, what timing; beautifully planned and organized. I had tears in my eyes and my heart was filled with so much of happiness and love after this show. I was deeply moved. I am not adding all the pictures here, because I want you all to see it for yourself in real. This is a beautiful surprise and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

This was such a dream come true for me, I cannot thank my husband enough for planning this trip for our first wedding anniversary and surprising me with it. Cannot ask God for more. Eternally grateful and very proud of myself for having made this decision of spending my lifetime with him. Glad to have visited the fairy tale world with my Prince. Cheesy right? I know!! Ha-ha.

Before I bid adieu, I just have one thing to say, visiting Disney world wakes up the sleeping spirit in you, making you believe in yourself again. The firework show does that. I promise and I ain’t exaggerating. You leave a piece of your heart here when you step outside that gate. I definitely did and I bet you will too.

And always remember, “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.


P.S: All the pictures posted above are original. Shot and edited by me. 🙂