Coconut oil – One stop solution for all the problems in life.

Frizzy hair? Coconut oil. Sunburn? Coconut oil. No shaving cream? Coconut oil. Dry skin? Coconut oil.

There is nothing that coconut oil cannot fix. This oil has been my savior for years now. Be it injuries, wounds or health issues, coconut oil is the first solution that pops up in my head.

This is my first winter here in the US and it has been harsh to my skin. My forehead, my cheekbones and my arms get all dry and rough. It starts to feel tight and awful after a shower. Not cool, not cool at all!  I am probably facing this issue because I hail from the tropical lands of Tamilnadu, India.

Coconut oil, this natural ingredient is a remedy to all the problems in life (especially for women like me :-P) . This has been a single solution for all skin and health related problems from the ancient days. People have been thriving on coconuts and their oil for thousands of years.

There are a hundred ways coconut oil can help you, from fixing your skin to fixing your bicycle chain.


I am here to talk about how coconut oil has been my rescuer.

I have never actually tried using coconut oil on my face, until this winter. All of us google about coconut oil and its benefits. I do too, but never really implemented it for any facial issue. I write about it today because I have used it for like over a month now and there’s a huge difference. There lies a misconception that coconut oil darkens your skin. Let me clarify this for you. Your skin darkens due to lack of hydration. Coconut oil only moisturizes your skin. In order to hydrate your skin all you have to do is have plenty of water, juices and fresh fruits. This really helps. Coconut oil works like an antioxidant and helps increasing the lipid levels on the skin surface.

My skin is neither too dry not too oily. I have mild acne issues and this has helped me. It is usually said that applying coconut oil or any kind of oil on an acne prone skin is not a great idea. But for me it worked pretty well. Let me share with you, my uses of coconut oil.

  1. Moisturizer – Coconut oil is the Awesomest-Bestest moisturizer EVVVVVVVVVVER!! The proper way to use it as a moisturizer is to take a few drops and apply it on your body after shower. Do not forget to do this on a regular basis to get the best results. Focus on the main dry areas – elbows, knees etc. Now coming to the main concerned area – The face. Take 2-3 drops of coconut oil (not more) and apply it on your face. Massage it a little and leave it on. That’s it. You are good to apply makeup on top of it or etc. If you are hesitant about this then just stick to applying it to the rest of your body.
  2. Makeup cleansing oil – Not all the time we wear makeup but we at least wear eye-liner or kajal (kohl) before stepping out of home, right? Use coconut oil to remove kajal or eye liner, because the skin on your eyelid is very delicate and thin compared to other parts of your face. Coconut oil is soft on this. Just apply some of it on a cotton pad and wipe your eyes with it. Wash your face and pat dry with a towel. You will find your skin soft. I suggest you beautiful ladies out there to remove your make up using coconut oil, rather than spending your money on buying make up removal tissues or lotions. This not only removes your make up easily but also leaves your skin soft, supple and youthful.
  3. Soften nail cuticle – Usually the skin that surrounds the nail bed, the cuticle, gets harder, for whatever reason it is. That annoys me a little. So what I do is, take an old toothbrush, drop very little coconut oil on it, and brush my nails and cuticles for minimum 5 minutes. Leave it on for a while and wash it with just water, no soap. This leaves the cuticles soft and clean, and the nails shinier.
  4. Oil Pulling – This technique will reduce your dental visits. All you have to do is gently swish a little coconut oil (probably less than a tablespoon) in your mouth for 5 minutes, gradually increasing it to 15-20 minutes everyday. Be sure not to swallow it, as the oil draws out toxins. Then spit it out, and wash your mouth with some warm water. Your cheeks and jaw are going to hurt initially, but trust me, the benefits are worth the pain. It not only improves your dental health but also benefits your skin.
  5. Cooling the system – This is my grandma’s treatment, so you can never go wrong with this one. When you feel that your body is too hot, or when your stomach is burning ‘cz you just had a lot of spicy food, apply few drops of coconut oil on your navel and rub it on your belly and leave it overnight. You will feel all fit and fine the next morning. You can do the same during menstrual stomach ache/cramps.

Coconut oil does plenty of wonders health wise. Try to include it in your meal once in a while. If the coconut oil smell or taste bothers you, then there are many organic ones available in the market that have no fragrance or such. If you use coconut oil regularly, it can cause weight loss, better dental health, cosmetic improvements, better heart and brain health.


Also, please remember, never go for the coconut oils that have any sort of fragrance or scent included. Always buy the plain, original/organic oil.


ConclusionAll you need is just one bottle/can of coconut oil to fix everything in your life. Ha-Ha!