Do you know how much your feet go through the whole day? If feet could talk they’d definitely chide you for the neglect they get for all the work they do for you! Those pretty little feet need to be taken care of just the way you concentrate on taking care of your face or hair. And I don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy a good professional pedicure. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in those comfy massage chairs while some else makes your feet look so pretty? Na, I don’t think so.

I know it is an expensive habit, but look for one that fits in your budget and get pampered once in a while. I’ve been on a lookout for an affordable one since I’ve moved here and thanks to Instagram that brings people together. That is how I found Crystal. Crystal has a nail booth of her own in Bentonville. The results of her work on her Insta feed were beautiful and I couldn’t wait to get it done for myself.

Crystal and her husband Johny run the nail salon together. Johny and Crystal, both are wonderful nail technicians and also a very adorable, friendly couple.

A sneak peek of the tiny lil’ salon for you.




I would love to take you guys through my experience at Nails by Crystal, in Sola Salon. But before that I really want you all to know why getting a pedicure done is important.

-It ensures removal of bacteria and germs around the nails.

-The foot and leg massage relaxes muscles and encourages healing in many other body parts.

-Exfoliation encourages renewal of healthy skin cells.

-Prevents common foot problems and infections.

– The body relaxes when your feet become pain free and the therapeutic benefits promote a happy mood. Happy Mind, happy soul.

What more would a stressed body need? 🙂

So coming back to my ‘Nails by crystal’ experience –

~The moment I entered this cozy blue room, I sensed a relaxing vibe around me. This place is pretty cute, I tell you. I got my pedi done by Johny and nail coloring by Crystal. This is the first time I got a pedi done by a man. I have seen male hairstylists but a nail technician, NOPE!! And guys, believe me, Johny did a great job.

~I sat on the reclining massage chair and slid my feet into the attached whirlpool tub. The tub was filled with hot water and an aromatherapy foot soak that helps softening the skin. This tub had some bluish purple lights flash as the water ran by.It made it look very cool. The whirlpool bath improves circulation and helps reduce pain.

~Johny then very gently trimmed and filed my toe nails and applied the cuticle oil. Cuticle oil not only helps moisture the cuticle but also the skin surrounding the nail. It increases the circulation in the nail bed and improves health of the nails. He let the cuticle oil stay for a while on my toe nails and then trimmed the hard cuticles off my toes, slowly and gently. He was very conscious as to not to hurt my toe skin.

~He then buffed my nails to make them look smooth and shiny.

~A sea salt scrub was applied to my lower leg. The massage was really good and gentle, with perfect amount of pressure. This scrub removes the dead skin cells.

~An aromatic moisturizing cream was then applied. And oh the massage!! Johny used his reflexology techniques that made my tensed muscles feel relaxed.

~He then wrapped my legs and feet with a hot wet towel for my skin to absorb the moisture well. This wrapping technique felt so very relaxing. That hot steam from the towels made my whole body feel so relaxed.

~Finally, Crystal cleaned my legs and feet, removed all the oils left on the nail plate from the massage, for the nail polish application.

~They suggested me some new spring nail shades that have come in OPI lately. And of course I chose a springy yellow for my toenails.

~After the nail paint application, Crystal made me wear my footwear slowly so that it doesn’t disturb the wet paint.

A professional pedicure has been shown to alleviate back, hip and joint pain. And ‘Nails By Crystal’ just made that statement true.


I had a great time here. This beautiful couple was very friendly and welcoming. I definitely felt at home during my visit here. If you are in Bentonville, AR and want to have a relaxed pedicure/manicure in a sweet cozy place, then Nails by Crystal is the place for you. They also provide waxing services. And oh yes… the customer also gets a 20% off for the first two months. How cool is that? So it just cost me 25 US$. Visiting them is the way to keep your hand/feet beautiful and healthy without spending a fortune.

A happy customer 🙂