A little curious as to what people carry in their bag?

You see, I carry a lot of stuff in my bag, simple but at the same time necessary. You might not find everything fancy here but at the end of the day it solves the purpose. A quick post to share my everyday essentials that I carry along with me wherever I go. You will find all crazy things inside a woman’s bag, from chocolate wrappers to makeup. We just dump all things possible inside that bag cz’ we want to carry everything with us, the whole world if may be.


This white bag that you see here is my most favorite cz’ it is big enough to hold everything and most importantly you can find what you are looking for with no struggle. It is such a steal from Forever21. I got it on sale for less than 15 US$. Cool right?


So let’s get started peeking inside my bag.

  • My fashionABLE wallet. Fairly self-explanatory, wallets are obviously important. I got this silver-ish wallet from Add-Ons back in India and it goes with everything so I am still sticking to it.
  • A water bottle. Can’t do without it.
  • I don’t really trust the soaps used in public restrooms and hence the hand sanitizer.
  • Mini pack of tissues. I mean, you’ve gotta have tissues. These slim pack tissues are my favorite and they have super cute packaging.
  • Power Bank. Ooooooh!! This is a very important one. You have got to carry your mobile charging options with you everywhere.

2018-03-18 031638890066..jpg

  • The grooming products. A girls gotta look sharp people! I am obsessed with this eye pencil from Colorbar. And another obsession is my lip balm from Maybelline baby lips. Never chapped lips yo!! I also carry the lipstick I am wearing for the day cz’ I end up eating it too fast.
  • Sunglasses, especially now with spring and summer around, it is a necessity. My favorite are these reflectors from Sojos Eyewear.
  • M&Ms and gum, of course. Currently having mini M&M and peppermint gums in the bag.
  • Pepper spray. You don’t wanna mess with me kiddo!
  • The little extras- Keys, pen, hair ties, cookie crumbs and receipts.

2018-03-18 031243559037..jpg

Had to clean the random trash in my bag for this post. #CONFESSION

I am a curious little creature, so I would like to know what you guys carry in your bag. Let me know in your comments. May be I can add something to my list that’s necessary. 🙂



3 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Hi,
    I really like the way you write, it’s very entertaining. Your post reminded me of the good old days of YouTube when everyone used to make “What’s in my bag?” videos. Your bag is definitely cooler than mine, since I’m running around with a useful bumbag at the moment since I’m travelling. I can’t wait, to use a more ladylike hand bag again, once I’m at home!

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