It is officially spring, so that means bringing out the colors from your closet and pushing the warm clothes behind. I am sharing some of my spring trends with you, cz’ I just finished sorting out my closet and realized that I already have the spring outfits that’s trending. So let’s get started.

2018-03-20 0768707242..jpg



Floral – Clothes featuring flowery patterns are spring and summer staples. What I love about floral prints is how feminine they are and how they bring out so many different colors in one piece of clothing. In this picture I am wearing a floral, cold-shoulder blouse from JCPenney. I paired it with a casual denim and a flat footwear, (cz’ I feel very conscious and uncomfortable in heels.) What attracted me the most about this floral blouse were its sleeves. Firstly it’s trendy cz’ of its cold shoulder style, and once you unbutton the sleeves, it is a ruffle sleeve top. So 2-in-1. 🙂 Secondly, the material is so soft and flowy which makes it very comfortable. Definitely feeling the spring vibes wearing this floral blouse. I got this in fall 2017 on sale, and I guess it is not in stock anymore, but I am linking a very similar blouse here (currently on SALE) – Scoop Neck Floral Shirt




Plaids – A classic, straightforward print and a counterpart to the floral patterns. It was a huge hit for fall and is here to stay during spring too. My love for plaid is never ending and I can wear it all year round without getting bored. It is easy and doesn’t really need a lot of accessorizing. They are comfortable and usually inexpensive. There are a million ways to style a plaid shirt. Well, that’s a topic for another day. Here, I am wearing my favorite plaid shirt with a front tie knot. The knot style is actually pretty easy and stylish. It accentuates your waist and also makes you look tall. Wearing a ‘Small’ for reference. I went for a size up cz’ I wanted a loose fit. Linking similar button down shirts here –Long Sleeve Button Front Shirt

2018-03-21 09750294291..jpg



Pastels – My favorite! I love pastel shades and I am so excited that pastels are ruling this season. One pastel color you definitely need in your wardrobe is the lilac/lavender. I will gravitate towards a pastel shade anytime, even if it’s not in trend cz’ of its subtle yet smart appearance. I have paired this blouse (from Dressbarn) with a black pleated skirt (from Forever21) and a golden footwear (from American Eagle.) This blouse has a beautiful sleeve with golden buttons on it. Very light, comfortable and looks really chic. I cannot wait to style it in different ways with different bottom wear. Buy this gorgeous piece here (currently on SALE) – Button Sleeve Top



Hot Pink– Pink is the queen of this season. Am I right? A pink dress is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. You wear it anytime anywhere, it will make you look good, bright and beautiful, no matter what. I wore this dress after a year today. I had bought it for my pre-wedding photo shoot and it brought back all the memories. You are going to see a lot of this dress, this season, cz’ it is spring and the beautiful cherry blossoms call for PINK. I have paired this dress with a golden buckle belt, golden hoop earrings, a watch from Michael Kors (a gift from the husband obviously) and flats I got from American eagle on sale.

Link to similar hot pink dresses below.

  1. Womens-Collar-Shoulder-Sleeveless-Dress
  2. Vintage Cocktail Dress

Wear ‘em and flaunt ‘em ladies!!

Those were some of the hottest spring trends that I have picked up.

All the stuff you saw above were purchased long back and majority of them were bought on sale. I did this post so that I can share items that I shopped from my closet, for this season, and it might inspire some of you to #shopfromyourcloset . It is not compulsory to follow every trend out there and frankly, I, myself do not adapt to all the new trends cz’ I am just not comfortable in many styles I find these days. Comfort is all I ever look for. The key is to be confident in everything you wear and you, my darlings, will conquer the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post.