Ever felt so confused and lost for no particular reason? Ever felt so frustrated when things don’t go as planned? This past week I haven’t really been feeling myself. This bug called laziness had grown so much onto me that I haven’t been moving my ass from the couch at all. I have never been this lazy and lost. And as a result, I felt so depressed that I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t achieve any of my to-dos that I had planned for the week. And this made me mad at myself. But that’s all I did.  I took no effort to overcome this feeling.

When you are lazy, idle and not feeling very productive, too many things crawl inside your head and you eventually start creating scenarios in your head that might not even occur. ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.’ Truly said. You start overthinking about everything that’s happening around and it is bad for your health. Very bad. That right there is the start of a very vicious chain.

Lost –> Lazy –> Idle –> Overthinking –> Frustration

During such times, there are few therapies that never fail to work. Guaranteed!


Talk to your bestie – Recently, I woke up feeling sad and dejected. I felt like a loser. Why? I don’t know. Then came my friend to save me from the dark. Best friends I tell you, they help you or laugh at you. Either way they make you feel better. My friends are my dumping box, and that’s absolutely okay, cz’ they are not going to judge you, no matter what. They will only do things that will lift you up. I discussed my situation of this long-lazy-non-productive-problem with my friend and just telling her things even before getting a solution from her, made me feel a lot better. This is the most constant, easiest and timely therapy.


Pray – This possibly could be the only thing that will direct you in the right direction. He has created you, so he definitely knows what the best is for you. Just follow these two things –

– Thank him for adding a new day to your life every morning.

– Thank him for giving you a day full of opportunities, before going to bed.

I used to do this on a regular basis but somehow got lost in the middle. And now that I have started doing this again I can feel the change. I ain’t a religious woman and neither do I follow any specific religious rule but I do believe in God. Trust in him and you will see the transformation in life. The way you see life will change. It helps you stay positive. So start remembering and thanking God. He is happy just with that.

Another alternative is ‘meditation’. It does help you mentally and emotionally. Gets you mentally active and helps your mind focus on your goals. You overcome all the negativity vibes around you. Definitely helps one feel calm and relaxed. So try it!! You might find it difficult initially, but then once you get used to it, you’ll feel great. 🙂


Exercise – When you feel suffocated in your skin, go outside. Take a walk. Step outside the front door and breathe in some fresh air, your lungs will thank you and in no time your body will be re-energized. Another way to take all the stress is to sweat it out. I needed a way to channel it all outside my system. I forced myself to get up from that couch, got ready, wore my sport shoes and headed to the gym. And I realized that working out is the best and only way to get rid of all the stress and rage you have. I worked out after a long time and I did much better than I usually do. My mind and body felt so relaxed and active after a long lazy week.

Finally, I am up and running, feeling satisfied!!

Another way to feel better, is to read my blog and enjoy my posts on Instagram (@theyellowpops)  Hehe!!

Sending all the positive Yellow Vibes your way –




[A casual yellow blouse with roll-up sleeves paired with light blue denim. A comfortable style, that will always stay in fashion. Perfect for work as well as a leisure day out.]

Everybody goes through such days where one feels stuck in a rut and that is perfectly normal. No one is immune to occasionally feeling lost. In fact, realizing that you feel lost means you’re pursuing a better job, searching for a deeper meaning in your life. You are someone who is trying to improve, and that in itself is a good start. So cheer up Buttercup!!

I love you all and I am grateful that I got to share this post with you. I hope this makes a difference to any one in need of a pick me up. I would love to hear from you guys what you do when you feel things aren’t working out the way they should.

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading.


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  1. Good one nabila 😁Being known you from long am happy to see that you actually went inside a gym . And I am imagining u meditate 🤣. The girl who could not catch a break from talking . And one correction wit the line that said “I have never been lazy and lost ” Seriously ?😑

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