Why is everyone talking so much about culottes this season? Why is everybody liking ’em? You will know why, in this blog post. Culottes is one of those inventions by mankind that I am so happy about. 😀

Did you know that in late-nineteenth century in the European culture, long split skirts were developed for horseback riding so that women could sit astride a horse with a man’s saddle rather than riding side-saddle. So glad that all the retro fashion is making a comeback.

(FYI : The French word culotte is derived from the French word culot, meaning the lower half of a thing, the lower garment in this case. source : wikipedia.)



Culottes, the wide legged pants, have impressed me with their flawless and flowy structure. They are effortlessly chic and most importantly comfortable which is why I simply love them. I could literally live in them.

Team them up with crop tops, tees, loose sweaters, button-downs or a blouse. Dress them up or dress them down, either way they make you look great. Their voluminous bottom is befitting for all day comfort. Pair it up with a button-down as work wear, and with a crop top for a leisure evening.




My new favorite culottes are these Creped Culottes. (Wearing size 4).

Their soft material feels like air around your body. So easy to walk in, to sit down or to even run around in 😋. Culottes have been in the picture from spring to summer and hopefully they transition to fall. Culottes make such cute outfits. You can wear them with heels or flats or even sneakers.

I am wearing it with a white lace cropped top here, which is a 3 year old top from Westside, India. I am linking few of my favorite white blouses here that you can pair with these floral culottes. (Click on the image to shop.)






Not only white but you can also wear these pants with pale yellow, baby pink, light blue and peachy tones.




As I wanted my navy culottes to be the highlight, I decided to carry a neutral brown round straw crossbody bag here. Also cz’ it goes with the footwear. This bag is such a summer bag and especially because these straw bags are in trend now and they are my favorite.

As far as accessorizing goes, I suggest you keep it simple and let these cute culottes do the talking. You can add a tip of bling with a drop earring or a simple necklace depending on the neckline you choose to wear.


Oh and btw, these culottes are on SALE right now, so grab them before they run out of stock. They also have pockets…👏, in case you needed one more point to incline towards getting these.

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