When it comes to restaurants these days, it is not just about the delicious food or the tasty drink they serve but also about how pretty the restaurant is in itself. Is it worthy enough to click a picture of it or get clicked inside one? Trust me, everything ‘HAS’ to be photogenic in this era. Such category is called “Instgrammable“. It is a strong social media world out there.



Pietro Nolita is one such instagrammable restaurant in New York. It is one of the most famous locations in the city where every girl visits to get pictures for her instagram grid. My friend and I were one of those girls today. 😀



This Italian restaurant has branded itself “PINK AS F**K” and they are not kidding people. This place IS Pink af!! It is pink on the outside and more pink on the inside. I am not joking, every inch of this place is PINK. The walls, furniture, ceiling, plates, and even the toilet is all pink.






They have a small menu, but it is also seasonal. They have salads, pastas, sandwiches, desserts and drinks and they are all freshly made. The price is pretty usual for food, from 12US$-18US$. The service was good. And the owner is a very sweet and friendly guy.


With the owner himself.

Overall opinion, you’re paying for the theme rather than the fine cuisine. They do not take reservations. If you can’t get a seat, it is still a nice place to walk by and grab a coffee to go. Oh and pop your head in for some quick photos to add to your feed. That’s important. 😛

So how as all the pink on your screen today? Hehe… Leave a comment if you enjoyed. 🙂

Outfit details:

Sweater (on the thinner side) – from Forever21. (An oldie. Similar sweater linked. Wearing S)

Denim Skirt – from Target (Wearing Size 4)

Necklace – from Forever21

Shoes – from Adidas (Size 8. I am usually a 7)

Bag – from Steve Madden (An oldie. So linking a ditto from ALDO.)

Until Next time,

The Yellow Pops