Brandless, Yes you read it right –  BRAND LESS!! This is a brand in itself that focuses on values and modern consumption. At Brandless we put people first, which means value and values stick together. Better stuff, fewer dollars. It’s that simple. 



Brandless is a direct-to-consumer brand that sells home and pantry essentials for just $3!

If you have been following me on Instagram (@theyellowpops), you know that I visited their pop up store in NYC last evening and I must tell you, I had great fun.  Keep reading to know more about it.

Products and cost –

The products are generic and inexpensive. All products are sustainbly manufactured. Brandless keeps prices low by eliminating Brand tax, the money it takes to advertise a product. Now I know that we might get a few products for lesser than 3$ in other stores, but there are so many other products like dry food, spices, spice powders, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, toilet paper (tree-free), cotton balls, office stationery and also awesome skincare and make up products and much more 3US$ which I found really very affordable, one because they carry no chemicals and plus they all come in big bottles and tubes, mind you, I’m not talking about travel size products.

Most (if not all) of the products on the site are non-GMO, organic and gluten free. The cleaning products are safe and non toxic. The beauty products are not tested on animals and are free of harmful chemicals. Even the napkins are tree-free and sustainable!  Can you imagine yourself getting these in another grocery store for 3x amount? I DO!!

The company also donates a meal to Feeding America for every purchase made and everytime #brandlesslife is used on social media. Sweet no?



Shipping – 

They launched their online shopping website last Aug in 2017 –  ( They cost you 3$ shipping charges on your first order and 9$ for the next ones. Although you can have free shipping for orders above 72$.

Experience at the Pop Up Store –

The Entrance


The Leisure room and shopping aisle.

The store is so clean, spacious, colorful and bright. Loved the set up. They have pretty cute and bright instagrammable photo ops, which of course is a super hit. And I just had to… (you can see the images below :-P)




Outfit Details –  Lantern sleeve Top | Boyfriend Jeans | Shoes

They have a colorful space for snacks and a very cute pretty looking coffee shop inside, and I had their coffee twice cz’ I simply enjoyed it, especially during this cold windy climate, it is a MUST. right?

My Faves!
Cutest coffee/tea stall EVVVVVVERR!!


Their products were so neatly stacked up, very well spaced aisles. I love that their products have solid colored packaging so when arranged on a rack they look colorful and minimal at the same time.


I was also able to review the snacks and food at the snacks and Yummy (food) bar.


Few of my faves from the food department were:

  1.  Thai Peanut Cooking Sauce – (I would give this 10/10, personal recommendation)
  2. Organic Cheese Square Crackers
  3. Dark Chocolate Covered Quinoa Bites
  4. Nuts, Dark Chocolate & Cherry Trail Mix
  5. Organic Aged White Cheddar Popcorn
  6. Organic Crushed Pepper & Truffle Oil Popcorn
  7. Gummy Lemonade Rings

And now moving on to my fave skincare and beauty department, I just loved every single cream and moisturizer they had and they smelled real and fresh. My fave was Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ,  Coconut Water Body Butter and the Green Tea & Aloe Body Lotion. So apt and necessary for this cold climate.


And ladies, they also have a wonderful, dye free section of sanitary napkins and tampons (Click here).  I am just happy that it is plastic/dye free and hypoallergenic.



Each product is just 3US$, I repeat – 3US$.

Their Pop Up is up till Nov 4th 2018, so if you are in NYC or anywhere around Chelsea, Manhattan, do pay a visit and you will love it. I assure you a great time in this colorful world of organic and natural products. 🙂 Happy Weekend you guys!! I am now gonna order some of my favorites from @brandlesslife  . Okay bye!!

Until next time,

The Yellow Pops