A Fun Footwear for this season

A ballet flat is always in style, especially when it comes in such a pretty color and a cute embroidery on it. I usually go with plain ballerinas, but the citrus embroidery on a pink ballet caught my eye instantly. This blush pink works for a perfect spring and summer. You already know that I [...]

Spring Lip Picks!

I had not started wearing lipsticks until I was 27. I somehow got a craze over these lip paints and started collecting so many of ‘em. Well, I guess it all started with the color tinted lip balms. Lipsticks are fun and easy that can spruce up a simple look. I tend to incline towards [...]

The Pastel Kurta    

Today I am sharing details of an old but a pretty casual outfit. This used to be my go-to style once upon a time. Kurtas, Yes!! A perfect combination of style and comfort. That smart, breathable piece of clothing!! Kurtas can be dressed formally as well as casually. Here, you will find me pairing this [...]

What to do when stuck in a rut?

Ever felt so confused and lost for no particular reason? Ever felt so frustrated when things don’t go as planned? This past week I haven’t really been feeling myself. This bug called laziness had grown so much onto me that I haven’t been moving my ass from the couch at all. I have never been [...]