What to do when stuck in a rut?

Ever felt so confused and lost for no particular reason? Ever felt so frustrated when things don’t go as planned? This past week I haven’t really been feeling myself. This bug called laziness had grown so much onto me that I haven’t been moving my ass from the couch at all. I have never been [...]

Earrings – make that sparkle your own

Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it never fails to complement what’s already there and adds that little extra with minimal effort. Now, I know a lot of you may favor necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. For me, it's always been about earrings, my favorite accessories of all time. Nothing completes an outfit like [...]

Basha, Manik Basha

Our Indian film industry has given us many stars and superstars. Yet, the love and craze people globally have for this humble soul is incomparable. He started his journey as an ordinary bus conductor and is now Tamil cinema’s reigning Superstar; ruling hearts since 1975. His journey has been truly inspiring. People close to him [...]